Ways to Make Your Asphalt Paving Long-Lasting

Compared to other paving types, asphalt paving can provide the greatest ROI. Unlike concrete pavements, well-constructed and well-designed asphalt paving hardly ever have to be replaced or removed. It’s hard to restore a concrete pathway cost-effectively once it comes to a point that their design life ends. To make the most out of the perks of having smooth and long-lasting, you need to proactively maintain it. This article will be discussing the essential tips you should keep in mind to guarantee your asphalt paving’s longevity.  


After your parking lot or driveway is paved, you need to come up with a to-do list for effective repair and maintenance. Keep on reading this article to know the essential dos and don’ts with your asphalt pavement.  


  • Never drive over your recently paved surface for the first 24 days. When you choose to install asphalt pavement during summertime, you have to wait longer for the asphalt to completely dry and this waiting time is known as the cure time.  
  • Make sure not to spill on your asphalt surface. Remember that oil tends to make asphalt weaker, resulting in cracking.  
  • If you’ve never tried using sod for landscaping before, you can utilize sifted topsoil for your recently installed asphalt. It’s vital to use sod since there are soils that can react with the asphalt, resulting in minor flaking at the bevel edge. 
  • Use crack seal products on your asphalt surface right after you can see any visible cracks. Keep this in mind as you might see cracks on your asphalt surface sooner or later. Water tends to get absorbed in the cracks and degrade the pavement’s base course stability over time. When your base course is poorly done, expect to get potholes or alligator cracks. Also, don’t use substandard crack sealing services and use quality ones instead. This way, you can prevent getting any expensive repairs to help prolong your asphalt pavement’s lifespan.  



  • Never seal coat your newly installed asphalt surface for at least 2 to 3 years. Additives utilized in seal-coaters outside can eventually lead to cracks when prematurely applied. Rather, you need to have your asphalt seal coated every 3-5 years. This seal coat will serve as an effective sunscreen because it makes a barrier that keeps your asphalt surface from vehicle fluids, moisture, and harmful UV rays.  
  • Never park your cars at the precise same spot all the time since this can cause your asphalt paving to get low spots or impressions on the pavement surface.  
  • Don’t delay asphalt maintenance. Always make sure that your paving is regularly inspected and maintained.  

Selecting a qualified paving contractor is one of the essential aspects to keep up smooth pavements. Make sure to choose a Plano asphalt paving company that can offer an extensive work history and portfolio in different industries. These types of companies will make sure that they’ll be working with efficiency and precision while they deal with even the most minimal details as you plan for the bigger picture.