Getting Rid of Carpet Water Stains

While water is utilized for most cleaning tasks, it could often leave behind unpleasant stains of its own. It can make your carpet look ugly if you spill anything on the carpet. The reason for this is that the spilled liquid is absorbing dirt from the carpet and moving it to the surface. You’ve got to address them with a strong cleaning solution if you notice these types of stains on the carpet. 

Today, we are going to share with you some tips on how to get rid of stains caused by water from the carpet without hiring a carpet cleaning Jacksonville FL company. 

Prepare the Tools 

Obviously, the first thing you should do in cleaning your carpet is having the tools and supplies for the job. First, you have to combine ¼ tsp. of mild dish detergent and 1-cup of water. Then, place the solution into an empty spray bottle. This solution will offer you an extremely strong mixture for hard-to-remove stains on your carpet. It includes stains that relate to dirt and moisture. 

The Actual Process 

After you mix the solution, spray it onto a dry and soft cloth. Make sure you are holding the bottle of spray over the cloth a couple of centimeters above it. Allow the solution to mist softly onto the fibers. Do not oversaturate the cloth since this will make the issue worse.  

Using the cloth, blot the water stain on the carpet quickly and gently. Allow the stain to absorb the solution and wait for it to break up. Dab the stain using the dry part of the cloth after it begins to loosen up. During the process, you should not rub the stain because you’ll only end up spreading it. Only dab the stain until it is gone for good.  

Next, you have to get another piece of cloth and spray clean water on it. To eliminate the detergent from the solution you’ve made, dab the carpet again. For ideal outcomes, utilize another spray bottle to spray water on the clean cloth. Then, start blotting the carpet until the spot is clean. Make sure you do not soak them.  

Final Touch 

After you finish all the things above, the next process is drying the carpet. If you want to guarantee you get rid of all the wetness, you can place a stack of paper towels on the wet area. Make sure you use absorbent ones. Next, put a hefty item such as a metal object or a piece of upholstery over the towels. This will weigh down the towels. Leave this for a couple of hours.  

Finally, apply baking soda over the affected spot. This will absorb any remaining moisture. This also helps in offering an appealing aroma to the area. Leave the baking soda for around 2-3 hours. After that, vacuum the spot to get rid of all the powder.  

You can get rid of water stains from the carpet if you follow these easy steps. Aside from removing the stains, it also helps provide your carpet a clean and fresh smell and look again.