What Does It Mean to Be a Cab Driver? Cab Drivers’ Heroic Acts

You might not know it, but those cab and Prairie Cabs’ drivers you see and call every day, are working 24/7. They roam around in areas, listen to their music, and hope that someone would call them for a ride. Of course, some people would opt to have a silent trip with their cab, while others prefer knowing their drivers and finding out interesting about them. There were a lot of people who shared their experiences with a cab driver, some of them were funny stories but others are heart-warming.

It is always the same tedious routine that these drivers are having in their everyday work. Roam and drive, roam and drive. So, when they see an opportunity, they never hesitate to converse and speak their hearts out. In this article, we give you the three heart-warming stories of three different individuals with their cab drivers.

1.Charlottesville’s Kind Taxi Driver

A man named Melvin Carter was known in the town as a humble, kind, and compassionate guy. He had achieved many academic and professional awards that we became the president of Veterans Club and created his own company named Carter’s Taxi, Inc, which he ran for almost forty years. He builds the company to serve one purpose: to provide cheap and accessible transportation to his community. Even if his passengers could not afford the fee, he would still give them a good ride and served them well. He would also give some advice to encourage people to earn on their own. Although he passed away at the age of 40, the town of Charlottesville will never forget him.

2.The Heroic Cab Driver

This event happened in Brisbane, Australia. Anthony O’Donohue reportedly threw a device at the bus driver which created the fire, burned the driver alive, and trapped the passengers. A Sudan refugee as well as a taxi driver named Aguek Nyok was having his trimmed when he saw the incident. Everyone on the outside ran away but Nyok went to the bus and opened the jammed bus door with his karate skills, freeing all the passengers inside. Nyok knows O’Donohue but was not able to rescue his friend. After what happened, he received several awards including the Taxi Hero Award by The Queensland Taxi Council.

3.Taxi Driver Returns $187,000

Raymond MacCausland received a passenger who claimed to be homeless and had been living in the shelter for six months. The passenger got out to meet a friend and promised to come back. After an hour, the cab driver went inside to check for the passenger but he was nowhere to be found. The staff was not able to locate the passenger. He searched the bag left by the passenger to search for any ID and found out that the bag contained $187,000. the driver reported the incident and turn in the cash. Later, the police located the owner and found out it was inheritance money. The driver was given $100 for his honesty, and people thought he deserved than the money that was given to him.

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